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Find the highest Jackpots in Online Bingo



If you like to play bingo for real money, you will certainly want to find the best paying web sites that have the biggest jackpots.

Several USA accepted bingo halls have promotions where they advertise huge jackpots, sometimes as high as a million GBP or dollars. Winning such a huge prize would definitely be a great thing. Unfortunately, we have never heard of anyone actually winning such a million bucks in any on line bingo site. Usually the bingo halls have such tough rules for winning this enormous sum that make it in reality, impossible. Many times these sites will offer quite small jackpots in reality.

It's best to check the guaranteed jackpots in any Internet bingo game if you want to get a better idea of how much you actually stand to gain.

Also, having a look at the days biggest bingo jackpots and finding the games in which they are played for can help you find the specific games that pay out the highest winnings. some games won't allow to win cash money on bingo at all. You can even buy bingo tickets in advance for these games so you don't even have to be online when the balls are being called.

Guaranteed �10,000 Jackpot at Wink Bingo

One of the best guaranteed jackpots is offered by which offers a huge guaranteed jackpot of �10,000 at the tenth of each month at... you guessed it, 10pm. That's �10,000 paid out every month, making it one of the best bingo jackpots in online bingo. you actually can not find a better bingo bonus on UK site

The site caters mostly to UK players but it now has a big international following from many other countries as well.

Click here to join Wink Bingo and take a shot at the �10,000 Jackpot!

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Best US online bingo Jackpots

From the bingo sites that still lets Americans play bingo for real money, 888 bingo stands out for it's huge Jackpots. One of the top USA bingo websites for years, it is known to have handed out huge jackpots, in the six figure range, on a regular basis.

Another great bingo site with big jackpots that accepts deposits from US players is America Bingo. True to it's name, this site never stopped accepting Americans to play for money, and has always given easy ways to fund you account, accepting payments in various ways, including major credit cards as well as online payments like Neteller, Ecocard, Western Union money transfers and Instadebit. Paypal is still not accepted though, so if you are used to paying online using paypal, you'll need to find a different method to deposit.