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Play Bingo for Free Win Real Money

If I Play Bingo for Free and Win, do I Need to Deposit in Order to Withdraw my Prize?




Yes, you can win money playing free bingo online! It seems strange to many people, but it’s true. Most new comers think that there must be something wrong with the terms and conditions that are written in small letters. But several people from around the world are playing free bingo games and winning great prizes without risking their money on the wagers. YES, free play win real money in the process.

You can do this on most of the online bingo sites in three ways.

  1. Free Sign-up Bonus: This is absolutely free money, offered by no depsoit bingo sites to you, as soon as you join them. You will be given this amount immediately on completion of the registration process. The amount will be credited in your virtual account on the site and from here; you can use it to play bingo games for free. The games that you can play are only the ones which the site permits you to play. To have the best odds of winning cash, you should prefer to play the games with the lowest wager amounts. In this way, you will not only be able to play maximum number of games, but will also have more chances of hitting the jackpot. Now, you may think that why an online bingo site will give you free money to play games and win prizes too. This free bonus is a promotional amount given to you by the website to try out the games offered on it. And as you might have expected, there surely are some conditions that limit you from getting this amount. The most common condition among sites is that they ask players to make a deposit in order to claim this bonus. Some sites also need the players to spend the whole amount of this deposit on playing games, before they can get their hands on this bonus.

  2. Deposit bonus: This is the second way to play bingo for free. However, this is a bit different from free sign up bonus. You can get this bonus only when you make a deposit on the online bingo site. The amount of this bonus is expressed in the terms of percentage of the amount of this deposit and normally can be up to 300%. This means that you get 3 times the amount of your deposit to play bingo for free. to simplify things,for an example, in moonbingo you get �30 on your �10 first deposit. You can play all the games and wager for all the jackpots with this bonus. And surely, if you are gambling, you stand of winning some really great prizes. These prizes can be yours for conditions simpler than that in the case of sign up bonuses. In this case, you simply have to spend to the amount that you have deposited and also the amount of the bonus, before you can withdraw the jackpot into you bank account.

  3. The last and best option is to join bingo sites that offer free bingo games, and there are quite a few good ones out there. In these free bingo sites, players who deposit and play regularly are entitled to join the free bingo rooms and win real cah prizes. These are not nickel and dimes we are talking about, but real prizes. Polo Bingo, Red Bus Bingo, Tasty Bingo and Sing Bingo are good examples of top UK bingos in which you can play bingo for free and win rel money. Check them out (click on the site you like and you'll be transferred):


to conclude , you can see that it is indeed possible to win money by playing free bingo online. There are conditions for claiming your wins, but you do win and can withdraw the amount easily and instantly after fulfilling all of these.