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William Hill bingo,, which is also a paypal bingo site, offers a wide array of bonuses and features to members. Perhaps the most enticing features of are the “no lose” games. No lose games are regularly held, and tickets must be bought ahead of time. At a no lose game, everybody wins! Winners, of course, win prizes, and those who don’t win prizes will get their ticket money refunded. This is a great opportunity for those who enjoy playing bingo, yet don’t want to lose any money to gambling.

The website,, is easy to navigate, as it is designed with a simplistic approach, rather than the one too many, enhanced features many other bingo sites possess. The Willhillbingo site is user-friendly, even to brand new online bingo players. It accepts all kinds of payments as well as PayPal which make it one of the great PayPal Bingo sites. Although simple, the site is not lacking. In fact, www.Willhillbingo .comuk offers many more game choices than what the average bingo site offers.

Bingo slots, scratch cards, roulette, jackpots, etc. — all these games, and more, can be played at As far as progressive jackpots go, the Clover Rollover progressive jackpot steadily increases over time. A couple of times a year, a lucky winner will hit the Clover Rollover and will win well over £100,000! Every time a lucky player wins, the progressive jackpot is reset and the process will start all over again.

So what about bonuses? First time players at will receive a nice double deposit match. Furthermore, first time players who purchase tickets of a certain value within the first two days of opening accounts will receive an extra deposit bonus! These large bonuses are usually given in only new bingo sites. In this is the standard. Especially when you a PayPal Bingo player or a PayPal lotto player,

There is also a monthly giveaway of around £1,000. Players can enter the drawing for purchasing bingo tickets. Every £1 spent will place the player’s name into the drawing. The more William Hill bingo player enjoys buying bingo tickets and lottery tickets with PayPal and playing, the more times he or she will be entered into the monthly drawing!

Obviously, Willhill Bingo is a great site for bingo game players. The site is filled with dozens of fun mini games as well as online lotto, special promotions, nice bonuses, and a whole lot of fun! All in all, is recommended for anyone out there who’s looking for some online fun. Play Bingo with PayPal at WillHill.